Custom Leather Motorcycle Accessories

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Ramon's Leatherworks Services

Since 1996, Ramon’s Leatherworks has been crafting custom leather motorcycle saddlebags, pouches and accessories. We also sell pre-made items like leather biker chaps, vests, and bags.

Custom Motorcycle Bags

Ramon's specialty is custom crafting leather saddlebags, tool pouches and tank bags.

Heritage Soft-tail Bag Reinforcement

Heritage Soft-tail bags tend to sag and wear over time. Ramon has solved this problem by reinforcing the bags with custom made leather supports.


Ramon can add fringe to any of your leather motorcycle accessories. He also crafts custom hand grip fringe, floor board fringe and bag fringe.

Seat Recovering

If anything on your bike wears out it's going to be the seat. This simple fix can have your bike looking new again in no time.

Patch Application

Ramon can apply patches to your leather jacket or bags.

Shoe Repair

Fixing those worn leather soles is more affordable than replacing expensive shoes.